Juliana provides women & girls in her community with free sanitary pads. But demand is rising and she needs your support to produce pads locally for women & girls who need them.

Vocational Training


Identify Youth

We partner with young people in need of support.


Training & Development

Then provide sustainable training and development programmes and remove barriers to participation in education.


Work Experience & Exams

Education programmes include certified national examination, hands-on work experience, business training and placements.



This supports young people into employment and business opportunities, empowering them to educate children, access healthcare and feed their families – enabling sustainable futures.


Vocational Training

Empowering rural residents of Kenya to RAISE THE ROOF and build sustainable futures

Community Development


Identify Community Partners

We partner with individuals and families in need of support.


Provide Resources

Then provide start-up funding and resources to offer a hand up.


Knowledge and Training

Including tailored, sustainable training, advice and ongoing support.


Enable Sustainable Futures

This leads to improved income generation, meaning families are able to educate their children, access healthcare and feed themselves – enabling sustainable futures.



Empowering rural residents of Kenya to RAISE THE ROOF and build sustainable futures

Uniting good people, that are passionate about social change. An opportunity to do more than give to a charity, but to be a part of it.

Be united with people passionate about social change

  • A community of like-minded individuals that wants to make a difference – focused on bringing about social change, together.

Share ideas, skills, knowledge

  • Suggest ideas and we’ll listen.
  • Use your skills and experience directly to help us make an impact.
  • Learn from other members of the RTR Tribe.

Receive honest, transparent communication

  • Regular emails and other online updates on all things RTR.
  • Sharing of financial accounts and other resources, to see exactly how funds are spent.
  • Real-time news from the team in Kenya.

Attend exclusive events

  • Fundraising benefits.
  • Q&A sessions, have your questions answered by the Raise The Roof trustees.
  • Digital networking events.

Celebrate successes together

  • Come together to celebrate the impact our tribe has created.

The Team

The wonderful faces behind RTR...
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