• August 27, 2015

A Step Closer To Sustainability

A Step Closer To Sustainability

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Next step to becoming sustainable – moses gets employed!

Here at Raise the Roof we love celebrating the achievements of our staff and students. That’s why we’re proud to announce that, Moses Jaoko, our Deputy Manager at the Barut Youth Vocational and Sports Centre, has secured a Government role within the Kenyan Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. This is another step in helping our Centre become self-sustainable by 2018. In addition, the Government will also be sending us two additional staff members to assist on our project as they consider us to be an “exemplary model and of the highest ranking in Kenya!”

This is another amazing milestone in Moses’ journey, which keeps going from strength to strength. From joining the Raise the Roof Tribe just over two years ago, Moses has continued to excel in every role he’s undertaken. This includes Agri-Business Instructor; Deputy Manager; Examinations Officer; and Sustainable Business Manager, for which he watches over the growth and income potential of our strawberry, chicken, and vegetable businesses.

Our Head Teacher recently had the following to say about him: “Moses is very much dedicated to his work, not all employees can take up responsibilities the way he has. Mine is just to congratulate him for the work well done for the period he has worked in Barut polytechnic.”

Additionally, his employment by the Government also means that, while he still works with us, his salary will now be covered by the Government. Meaning we’ll have more funds freed up to further actualise other project goals, and as such will take us a step closer to becoming fully self-sustainable within the next few years.
Congratulations, Moses!