Football Action partnership

Football Action partnership

Working together is at the heart of Raise the Roof. We were recently fortunate to secure yet another partnership in our friends at Football Action. FA uses football to inspire children and encourage education in developing countries.

We now have over 100 children attending an after school football and sports programme and we have seen a fantastic increase in the confidence of children, who 3 months ago shied away from taking part. We have seen an improvement in their team work and discipline, the football training has been a great tool for addressing behaviour issues and encouraging fair play. The programme is great for community relationships and creates a hub for fun and excitement in the local area.

Its fair to say that they are getting through the balls pretty fast, which is only a reflection of how much they are being used and the fun and training which is being had.

Our coach is busy planning a community tournament, to which local schools will be invited to compete.

Holly says " its been amazing to add the sports programme to our extra curricular opportunities available at the centre thanks to our partner organisation, Football Action. To see the school buzzing with children who are literally ecstatic with the chance to take part, to interact with other children and get their hands on footballs is a sight which makes my heart swell with gratitude. We are already seeing a difference in attitude of the children that regularly attend the programme. Im really excited about together, seeing a generation of young, confident, team spirited individuals who have a passion for sport and football. We are creating some great little role models in our surrounding area, who give hope for the future of the community and its development."

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