Kenyan roofer 2nd in 10km race!

Kenyan roofer 2nd in 10km race!

Our very own Wesley, from our Barut Youth Vocational and Sports Centre, turned heads last weekend when he claimed second place in the 10km race in the annual Nathan Williams Games.

Members of the Barut Athletics Club, our partner organisation, traveled to the local Nathan Williams Center to take part in the Games, which is an integrated sports tournament for local athletes of all abilities. This event, in particular, saw Wesley, an amazing RTR team member, participate and finish second in the 10km (10,000 metres) race with a stunning time of 31:57:09. For reference the current men’s world record is 26:17:53. This is no easy feat!

Wesley has been training and running marathons with the Barut Athletics Club, as a member since 2006, and we're very proud of his achievements.

What does Wesley do when not chasing after World Record times, you ask? Well, Wesley has been described as a kind of 'Everything Man' here at the Barut Centre. Initially he started out as the day watchman for the centre - ensuring the safety of all on site. He is now working as our agriculture assistant. In addition, he also helps run our poultry project, which has led to him being affectionately referred to, by students and staff alike, as “Baba Kuku”, which when translated means 'Father of Chickens'.

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Wesley, in blue, during his race