Community Agri classes

Community Agri classes


This past week saw the launch of our agriculture classes in the Barut community. With already 10 local households signed up, the agricultural workshop will provide lessons to learners in various areas of agriculture, providing a combination of theory and practical training. The workshop has begun with greenhouse and open field crop rotation, as well as water irrigation - as water availability is currently a wide scale problem in the Barut community. Each course is delivered to four separate groups, located in different parts of Barut. It’s spread out over four weeks, after which, the next course, which is determined by suggestions from the community, will begin. Our next course, based on requests, will be dairy farming.

In cases such as this where the instructors may not be well informed enough on a particular topic, the course delivery will be provided in collaboration with an expert in the required area. For dairy farming, we’re working with a nearby livestock officer, who will provide teaching on dairy farming, as well as the diseases involved and how to manage them.

Leading on from an engaging first session — which can be seen in images below — instructors have said that the farmers and community members are able to receive free consultations from the instructors about any questions they may have, in addition to the support provided in lessons. It’s been a fantastic launch and we’re looking forward to seeing more of these lessons rolled out in the future.


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