FUN run

FUN run

The Fun Run was 'Raise the Roof's third event and another great success. Thank you so much to everyone that took part and to everyone that supported through sponsorship or cheering from the sidelines, it all contributed to another fantastic day!

The day before our team found themselves up to thier eye balls in luminous coloured icing with 'hundreds of thousands' in their hair adn more chocolate drops than you can imagine. 200 cupcakes 100 orange t- shirts and lots of goody bags later, we were all set for 'Raise the Roof's' biggest event yet.

The Sun was shining, t shirts were on, gazeebo was up, massage therapists at the ready surrounded in bright orange balloons, jewellery stalls galore and a route marked out, we were ready to go! More and more people arrived and checked in for their 'Raise the Roof' T shirt and the sea of orange grew. Family friends work colleagues friends of friends people we hadn't seen in years, people wehad never met and even a dog came along to support the project.

Time for a quick warm up a bit of up beat music a few lunges and stretches later and we were ready to begin! Unicycle mounted man-kini on suite donned and dog barking to go a few silly photos, Holly's Mum giggling down her megaphone and we were off... ?Ready.... Steady... 'RAISE THE ROOF.?

Everyone hurtled off children charging ahead in their stripy orange t shirts with adults huffing and puffing closely behind. Half an hour later a few very red faces and a rush to the balloon finish line as the leading few competed for first place. We were ready to greet them at the end with 'Raise the Roof' cupcakes a certificate and goody bag designed by the children of Mayfield Primary School.

A few classic moments were achieved Pete Bowen struggled to keep up as he became the first man to run 5k with a dog turd in hand while Russell Cameron crossed the finish line on his uni cylcle slightly behind and slower than the rest ""well that was lonely!!!' Elliot Leight felt the chill as he completed the run in his very revealing and brave Man-kini whilst Jivan Rees did it with class finishing in a full suite and top hat!

A few more massages later and we were ready to hit the pub! The amount of cake we ate definatly wasn't justified by the amount of running we achieved! A big sigh and sense of relief as once again 'Raise the Roof' had been a great success attracting the attention of passers by raising more awareness and gaining more support for the cause.

'Raise the Roof' has again managed to fundraise whilst having a great time doing it!!

Thank you so so much again for all your support!
see you at the next one!

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fun run