Winter Wishes

Winter Wishes

'Winter Wishes' was our second event for 'Raise the Roof' and was once again a great success, so firstly a big thank you to everyone that came along to support and made it a magical night.

Candles in glass jars lighting up the floor like glow worms a perfect foreground to the beautiful skyline over Primrose Hill and Regents Park. Many people despite living in London have never actually ventured up here so it was great to be able to share this amazing view.

We warmed ourselves with mulled wine and hot chocolate accompanied by yummy mince pies and chocolate cake. As more and more people arrived I was relieved grateful and happy that once again people had made a big effort to come and show their support of 'Raise the Roof ' especially venturing out in the cold.

I handed out the huge sky lanterns and we all wrote our wishes on them. As we let them fly slowly our glowing orange wishes filled the sky lighting it up as they flew higher and higher competing with the stars. The view was beautiful and attracted attention from passers by who stopped to talk and find out what what this special night was in aid of. People seemed really impressed by the concept of 'Raise the Roof ' so this also turned out to be a great way of promoting the project. Friends bought more friends along with them and so slowly but surely 'RTR' is becoming well known and gaining more support on a daily basis.

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