Raise her voice

Raise Her Voice is our holistic approach to female empowerment.

While we have a social enterprise that designs, manufactures and distributes female sanitary packs, it's more than just the products - it's about the people. Working with organisations and specialist tailoring businesses, we develop the most current solution to reusable female sanitary products. This creates employment opportunities for men and women, increases access to education for girls and uses profits to support sustainable, community empowerment projects.

But the most exciting part of this project is our girls empowerment programme, which addresses issues surrounding relationships, sex, HIV, self esteem, confidence, menstruation, and leadership. Working with young men and women, we understand the importance of a holistic approach and the need for this to be inclusive of men. We address this through simultaneous day programmes, working with young men and women, to address issues surrounding gender inequality.

In the UK we use our social media platforms to promote international positive female role models, in the hope of inspiring a generation of strong, female leaders who are ready to make a stand for gender equality.

Get involved with #RaiseHerVoice through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and post photos of those inspiring female empowerment, using #RaiseHerVoice.

"Health and development experts, economists, non-governmental organisations, UN agencies and even banks agree that expanding the freedoms, the education and opportunities for women holds the key to kick-starting inclusive economic growth. This is true the world over, and particularly true for Africa."
-Joaquim Chissano