Reach Up for Rhonda

Reach Up for Rhonda is a new initiative in our neighboring community.

We are collaborating with other organisations and the community at large to build a community centre in the heart of a slum. Our vision is for the centre to connect people to resources and education.

Every person who visits the centre will be given an opportunity to improve their health, education, and most importantly, to reach one step closer to being self-sustainable. That's right, we want to help people who are already tuned in and working hard. We believe in our community members and we will work hard together to improve the quality of life for each and every one of our beneficiaries.

The community centre has been designed to offer a number of services including: preventative healthcare and wellness services; information technology access and courses; vocational training and resource distribution; rehabilitation and counseling; and agriculture training. We also want to ensure greater community access to water and ensure a number of youth centered programs are on offer to engage and motivate the future leaders of the community.

Most of all we want to create a space where everyone - regardless of their age, gender, sex, or tribe - can come to share, learn, and grow.