Social enterprise

We believe in the communities we work with and use our resources to empower their visions. Our projects will be regarded as a success when they are managed and sustained within Kenya.

To achieve this we have established social enterprises to generate funding for operational costs within Kenya.

The Barut Youth Development and Sports Centre grows and sells its own strawberries. They are supplied to local businesses and markets and support our operational costs within Kenya.

We recently began a ‘kuku’ business, selling chickens and eggs locally. The income from this will also soon support our income generation for The Barut Youth Development and Sports Centre.

Kujegna, the swahili word for ‘to build’ or ‘to create,’ is a brand selling handmade cushion covers, purses and jewellry. The items are sold in the UK and used to cover our operations, meaning that 100% of your donations can be spent on projects.